In addition to customization of the EP1, Normal Engineering provides general software consulting services. The particular areas of focus are modern C++ and QT, especially related to Embedded Systems. We work on short to medium term software development projects for companies who are temporarily lacking resources, or who need expertise in a particular area. We are available for on-site projects for companies in Munich, Germany, or projects which can be worked on remotely from there.

Our philosophy…

…is to produce extraordinarily high quality software; this we enjoy and take immense pride in.

  • Well tested software: Using techniques such as stringent unit testing, software can have far fewer bugs right from the start. This leads to a significantly reduced debug cycle and saves not only us time and stress, but also the time of our customers in finding and working around the bugs. Any bug is an embarrassment.
  • Maintainable software: Specifications always change during the course of a project. By producing highly maintainable software, combined with automated testing, functional changes can be done quickly and without unwanted side-effects.
  • Well documented software: We do not believe in skimping on software documentation in order to create “job security”. We take pride in leaving our customers software that they can continue to maintain without ongoing assistance. This does not mean producing reams of useless documents; it only requires taking a little extra effort to make clear and concise notes within the software itself, where it is needed.

For our customers this means that we, and those who inherit our code, can deliver new functionality quickly and reliably. Attention to quality leads to reduced total project time and fewer bugs in the finished product.